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The Year 2012

Small Be Still Sign  Prelude to December 21st Year 2012
So, what's going to happen? Will it be the end of mankind? Will the earth cease to exist? Will God express some sort of wrath of biblical proportion?

Perhaps these questions are of no significance at all. Possibly wrong altogether.

I suggest to you that the real questions will be if the end is coming, what's going to happen to me? Is there really a God? Does Heaven and Hell exist? and if so, where am I going ?

If you haven't asked yourself these questions, or variations of them, don't worry you will.

Can you imagine?

All humanity asking these questions simultaneously? Right down to an exact year, month, day, minute, and second. Has there ever been a moment in history when God has all or our undivided attention at one precise moment? Was this his plan all along?

Better yet, has this sort of event ever happened before? NO! Not in recorded history. The only event that was even minisculely close was the millennium or the change over to the year 2000. We all know what happened then. NOTHING. However, that did not change all the panic it created. Even though this event was of no threat to the existence of earth, many people horded food, water, and basically prepared for the end of time.

No, this is different. Not even to be compared. Why? Because there is no one to dispute the fact that there is a celestial event that is about to occur. It only happens every 26,000 years and there's no one around, or records to recant what happened on the last occurrence. That's enough to make you wonder alone.

Let's look at our world as it is today. Would the word "dismay" be in order?

End of Times?

Well, predictions center on this date. December 21st 11:11 AM Universal Time 2012. The Mayans state that this is the end of their calendar. NOT A PREDICTION - A MATHAMATICAL FACT. But, what does that mean? Are we to take that literally?

It wasn't until recently that science plotted the celestial events that will occur during this cycle. Not because they couldn't. It just wasn't of interest. Science has been very quiet about this alignment. Why? Because Science is exact. They don't have any idea what will happen. And either does anyone else. There is no data to go back on. However, don't fret, I'm sure they will come up with some as the date gets closer.

How about Nostradamus, the Hobe Indians, and countless other prophecies or predictions. The date seems to be a target. Fact is prophecies, theories and explanations will only be proven after the fact. Kind of a Catch 22, don't you think?

So, what are we to think?

Well, here comes religion. Ending times are the popular explanation of what is to be. The book of Revelations is put under the microscope. We look for every passage in the bible that relates to the end.

It's true. We see our world in chaos. Escalating problems. Global warming, earthquakes, tsunamis, financial collapses, war, starvation, disease, people returning to Jerusalem, etc. Yes, it sure would appear that this prophecy is taking some form. As of this writing there are 1057 days until December 21, 2012. A lot can happen. Fact is, there are many parts of the prophecy that need to be completed before December 21, 2012. For the world to be obliterated at this time would be against prophecy. Even Jesus said, which should be taken as the gospel "I will come like a thief in the night". December 21, 2012 is like a billboard.

Revelations is not being disputed, the timing is just off. However, don't under estimate the senescence of the event to occur. Our entire spiritual existence is on the scale.

Put all the prophecies and predictions together and what do you have? "OUR ATTENTION"

From a psychological standpoint the effects of the unknown can create incredible stress, especially when you're talking about your existence. Picture this: Thursday morning December 20, 2012 . Twenty four hours before the big event. Will all the world functions stop? Will you go to work? Are you ready for the questions your kids will be asking? What will you tell them?

On TV all you will see is a backlash of all possibilities. Scientist geusstimating, preachers at their podiums. I suspect the rich will go to their fortresses of solitude and the poor will huddle in packs.

What will you do? Unite with your family and love ones?

Here's the undeniably fact. You will be basically alone with your thoughts. Asking yourself the questions as stated in the beginning of this page.

I will say this again. "I have no clue weither mankind will be obliterated off the face of the earth or not on December 21, 2012." That's a fact. However, there are some things I do know about events that will occur in the final months leading up to December 21, 2012. Along with the vision of the Be Still Symbol, was the reason for its arrival. The insight came weeks after the vision. It would appear that we are going to a Great Voting Booth. A universal role call. To learn more about the Voting Booth of 2012 Click here.

A Vision of What will Be:

In the first half of the seventh month 2012, a man will appear with a real message. The message will be of great significance. He is a man who was, then wasn't, then was again. He is no stranger to public speaking. However, his humility will appear as shyness. At this time, his life is in total chaos. He has no idea that he's going to deliver such a message. It will be hard to know or separate him from all the other self proclaimed prophets that will appear during this time. His message however will not be a prophecy. It will be the guidelines for inner peace, faith, and deliverance. It will be the basis for the vote you will be casting. I do not know who this man will be, but it is certain that he will be ridiculed and scorned. I have seen him,, but not his face.

In the final months before December 21, 2010, persons not connected to God are going to be thrown into a sea of deep fear. The persons with the greatest possession can multiply their fear by 10 times. Those that reject this message and live in the negative circle will look to the religious fanatics, zealots, false prophets, and the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing's for comfort and will unknowingly find lies, deceit, and contempt. They will hear and see it all. Their churches will be full, but empty at the same time. All will be seeking something that they can not find. The mischeif makers will be hard at work.

Seven hours before the set date and time the voting booth will open.

Blasphemy you say! What voting booth? Where does the bible say anything about a voting booth? Are you suggesting that mankind gets a chance to vote on his spiritual destiny? Well my friends, the answer is this: You have always had the chance to vote on your spiritual destiny. Remember FREE WILL. Your choice is to be connected to God or not.

For Your Information:

God sees us all as one. We are all connected. On December 21st 2012 God will have all of our attention at the exact same time. Even the non-believers will question themselves. Mans existence will appear as a light. It always has. Mankind controls the dimmer switch with belief and faith, and only God holds the standard of how bright we should appear.

It will be like God saying:
"now that I have all your attention, are you with me or not?"

The Word has been heard by the Nations, So, what's it going to be?

The Keeper: December 21st 2009

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