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Sign of God?

Small Be Still Sign  Sign of God?

Since man has walked the earth symbols have been used as a means of communication. You can find them just about everywhere. Symbols are expressions. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Once a symbol has been defined and accepted it is a powerful way to present a message with very little effort. A symbol is universal when it comes to languages. There are no barriers. It means the same everywhere. They can represent anything from objects, information, beliefs, directions, warnings, mathematics, places, etc.
Is this symbol Be Still Symbol the sign of God ?
The answer is this. It is the sign of God and Man together in Unity.

It is a representation of Mans belief in God and his uniting to the spiritual power of God's universe. To reject this symbols meaning is a rejection of your beliefs and faith in the creative powers that manifested your life.

Remember this. God, Yeshua (Jesus), Buda, or Satan did not physically give us any of these symbols below. They were derived through mans conscious. Man recorded them as means to symbolize his beliefs and thoughts.
(Samples:) Click on any of them to get their meaning.
Even the cross which is Christianities most sacred symbol was not delivered by God himself. God delivers these signs through the Holy Spirit to man for man. When he marks his followers, it will be with something that we will be able to understand. The sign of God will be what man interprets it to be.

The Keeper: December 2008

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