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The Be Still Vision was delivered in September 2008. The arrival was the answer to profound questions that were being pondered between a known world evangelist and the Keeper. These were trying times. The evangelist was running around in circles trying to get his message delivered to the masses of the world. Trials and tribulations were standing in his way. The word of God is a powerful source. Why was it being so hard to convey. Why did he feel like he was failing? The vision included this message that was to be delivered to him personally.
"Stop your redundant prayers. I've heard them. How do you expect me to answer them when you will not be still long enough to reach my source? My love is here for you to receive, but your thoughts and actions clash with what's being delivered. Stop observing the without, when the manifestations come from within. You can not bargain for miracles. It is my time, not yours. Know that I am God and let your faith be certain that I answer all prayers. Never forget that only threw me will your positive needs and accomplishments manifest. Through you connection with me all good can be attained. Empty your mind and let the spirit fill you. The truth in writing will be on my walls. "
To say the evangelist was speechless would be an understatement. The Keeper then drew the symbol on a 3 by 5 card and explained the meaning in the best way he could. The evangelist still has that card. Awed by its meaning and arrival he incorporates the relevance of it in many of his sermons.

The Keeper goes on to say the in the months to follow the spirit entered his being on many occasions and still does. Greater detail of the message was delivered. The message to the evangelist was only the seed. All humanity suffers from the exact same problem. If a man of God can get off the path, where does that leave us? To Be Still is nothing new. Type it in any search engine and you'll come up with over 170,000,000 links. To truly understand the significance of its spiritual nature is another matter.

God's pining for our connection to his consciousness is being questioned. We are seen as light. Altogether as one. Our light is dimming each decade. Humanity better start thinking about turning up the voltage very soon. That can only be accomplished by Being Still.

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