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Small Be Still Sign Who is the Keeper?
The Keeper is the man who had the vision (September 2008) of this sign Small Be Still Symbol. He goes on to say that this is a holy sign to be protected of its true meaning. It is a sign (with great significant meaning) that is to be delivered to mankind before a great disruption of world order sets in soon. There was more to the vision than just the sign. Included was the insight for its arrival. He states that we are about to go to a great voting booth . A role call. A vote that will decide the spiritual destiny of all mankind.

In January 2007 while troubled by world events. The song Lost in a Lost world kept going threw his mind. He grew up in the sixties and was a huge fan of the Moody Blues. He was inspired to capture pictures and tie them to the music. He ended up with the video on the right. The video was bootlegged and ended up on the internet. Since, many have tried to make their own rendition. There are even a few on Utube. There is nothing that can compare to this original. The Keeper goes on to say that during this period of time was the start of his unceasing search to understand God.
Lost in a Lost World
Music by the Moody Blues - 1972 - Seventh Sojourn

He does not like to be called a prophet, theologian, philosopher, or preacher. Just a messenger of what is to be.

The Keepers cause is to deliver this symbol and its meaning. Also, he is to manifest a powerful network or haven for those that sense that something big is about to happen. The network will create a spiritual presence for those that seek comfort. For those that are lost. Seekers of the truth. This network will be complete before the end of November 2011. Involvement will be massive and the network will take on its own entity.

Today, the keeper is a man of technology. His credentials go back 21 years in the field of telecommunications and high end computing. He currently will have nothing to do with the corporate world (a world he knew well) and shuns the corruption of mainstream world politics. Once a follower of World Markets - Commodities and Stocks he owned an upscale Futures and Commodities site that perpetuated its cause and means. He shut it down in 2009. He states that the markets are a negative force field. Unless the participants (world banks - selective groups, seekers of the fast buck) analyze their motives and realize that the universe does not run on something for nothing. (A trader creates absolutely nothing except self being) Greed and corruption will be one of the great downfalls of mankind if we let it. He has spent the last 6 years of his life seeking true spiritual enlightenment. He is the greatest fan of Yeshua's (Jesus) teachings. He claims that living alone without any distractions and the removal of material possessions has been the greatest gift from God that is possible.

From rags to riches, and riches to rags (his choice) with a smile on his face always, he says that he is to busy opening that doors that he knocked on. A firm believer of "seek and you will find", "knock, and the doors will be opened".

The Keeper currently resides in Michigan. He has faced every financial dilemma that is possible. A past full of scars and blemishes. One does not have to look far to find past defects of character and unwise choices in his life. He's not hiding from them. He's even questioned his own worthiness to deliver such a message. Without fear, he says that God is leading the way. I'm rowing, he's steering. Unknown to him yet, with an eerie feeling of déjà vu which drives him, he says that this is something that he is supposed to do. At any cost.

At this time he wishes to be anonymous. He states that who he is or what he is, has no importance or significance. It's only the meaning of what the sign represents that's relevant. Knowing that it is totally impossible to remain virtually anonymous, he states that he is preparing to take the on slot of naysayers, religious zealots, and God only knows who else who will undoubtedly attack the authority and true meaning of this sign. He will defend the message but not himself. His self defense will be silence. He has no affiliation with any persons or causes. He cannot be bought. He says that he is supposed to protect and defend (the message) with his life. And that's why he is The Keeper.

January 6, 2010

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